I think it all started at Camden Yards. Then it spread to Toronto. It popped up in Chicago and Tampa. Other than the Bronx, it is everywhere. Red Sox fever. It seems like whatever stadium the Sox visit, the “Let’s Go Red Sox” chant can be heard. And the red shirts and pink hats and Schilling and Varitek jerseys are multiplying. And why not? The combination of brash youth and aging veterans and comeback stories have made this 2006 team something special. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re winning.

The 3-4 combination is captivating. The passing of the torch from the old ace to the young fireballers is inspiring. The unhittable closer is thrilling. And the elder statesman Tim Wakefield is an example to everyone on how to play the game and how to give back something to the fans. What is not to like? Sure, Boston fans (including myself) grumble about Seanez and Tavares, but they are just placeholders. Those names will fade away to be replaced by Delcarmen and Hansen. And there will be more rejoicing.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are putting it to the Mets in the rubber game of the Subway Series. Wright didn’t make it out of the second, but the Yankee bats, even A-Rod’s, came alive. But riddle me this; why is it OK for Jeter to steal with an 8 run lead? Anyone else would get a pitch in the ear-hole next time up. And why is Julio Franco still playing instead of filming “Driving Miss Daisy, Part Two?” Finally, I think I just saw a line across the bottom of ESPN that OC stole home tonight. Beautiful.

Next up, Josh Beckett. The winning streak will be three by 10PM Monday night.