The latest incarnation of the classic Air Jordan shoe has just hit the shelves. You cannot miss the Air Jordan 5 ‘Flight Suit’, its all-red suede upper is certainly distinctive. In just a couple of months the shoe will be joined by another new design to the market; the blue ‘Flight Pack East’, which is due for release in late September. Like Air Jordans through the years; these two new shoes stand out from the crowd.

This is hardly surprising, given that Air Jordans have their origin in the name and career of one of the most stand out basketball stars of all time. It’s amazing to think that Michael Jordan was still just a rookie back in 1984, when he signed a five-year endorsement contract with Nike that was said to be worth $2.5 million. Many people considered it to be a risk, but Jordan changed the face of basketball and sports fashion for good. Air Jordans are a big part of that.

Why Air Jordans?
The thing about Air Jordans is that they have never been just a basketball shoe. Yes, they are popular on the court, but equally they have become a footwear item that is just as prevalent on the street. They are the first basketball shoe to embrace colour and have a distinctive bold design. They were also the first Nike product not include the Swoosh logo.

If you want to make a statement with what you wear on your feet, then Air Jordans are an excellent choice. They are not just high quality; from the time the first design, created by Peter Moore, was released to the public in 1985, they were destined to be different.

When you put those famous wings on your feet, you follow in a long line of people who, for more than 30 years, have embraced a brand that shouts out originality and personality.
Where to buy Air Jordans

Nike is the first stop for many Air Jordan fans. This is especially the case when new designs are released, as they tend to come from Nike first. But going to the producers themselves is not your only option, if you want to purchase the popular footwear.

Several online sportswear providers stock Air Jordan, and can offer deals; you can learn more about this. The most important thing to make sure of is that the shoes you buy are genuine, and not copies. If you buy from a reputable retailer, you should be okay. You need to be more wary if you choose to purchase your Air Jordans from a private seller. Ask for packaging, receipts and associated paperwork, so that you can be assured of authenticity, and make sure the shoes are legally owned by the seller.

As with the man himself, Air Jordans are a popular commodity. You should be prepared to pay the going rate to buy a pair, but there are genuine deals to be had if you do your research.

The preceding post was guest authored for promotional purposes.