By Dennis Thompson

Many people consider pro baseball to be a less strenuous sport as compared to soccer, rugby or football. However, many people will be surprised to find out that pro baseball players are actually the healthiest around.

Professional baseball athletes in major leagues have been proven to live about 24 per cent longer than the average guy on the street. This is according to mortality rates of about 10000 professional baseball players.

It should be noted that baseball players have a higher resistance than other athletes when it comes to heart conditions and neurodegenerative diseases. A professor from the University of Harvard has said that this is because baseball players do not get to experience the head injuries that are experienced in some other sports. Baseball is one of the sports you can place a bet at any online gaming of your choice.

He went on to say that people who play professional sports are generally much healthier than the average human being and also, there are other healthier things and lifestyles that they have to maintain in order to play professionally.

Research of a study conducted showed that as compared to other males, Pro baseball players had lower death rates from heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, stroke, respiratory tract diseases and suicide. In actual fact, it was found out that the more time that an athlete spends playing professionally, the lower their death rates as compared to other players.

One physician who was asked to comment said that greater longevity in pro baseball players was not really as a result of uniqueness of the game, but rather due to the lifestyle choices that these players choose. He went on to say that if we all eat balanced, healthy diets, as we as work out on a regular basis, we would also be able to maintain our body weight. This is why we constantly encourage all those gamers who play best online casino games to eat right and exercise regularly as they spend most of their time sitting.

Furthermore, he said that if we all practice other healthy behaviors, our life expectancy would increase. He emphasized that these behaviors had to be initiated at a younger age in order to work effectively.