Football has become a global phenomenon. The number of players worldwide is growing every year, and new fans everywhere are discovering the excitement of the sport. Fans around the world are now able to play casino en ligne France games using smartphones or tablets. What makes football so important? Read on and find out more in the article below.

Football Is A Massive Business
The game of football can be traced back centuries. It was first played by students at Cambridge University in 1823. But it wasn’t until 1889 that modern rules were developed. Since then, the game has been hugely popular – with over 1 billion people playing it each week. The money generated from the game is also huge. In 2012, FIFA (the governing body) took in $6 billion in revenue – which means almost £4 million per second! This is an increase of 50% since 2010.

It is easy to understand.
The rules are easy to learn. Anyone can pick up the ball and run with it without having any special training. It’s almost like jai alai where anyone can play the game no matter what level they are at. And because there are so many different types of football, it’s fun to watch. There are even people who have never played before watching it and enjoying themselves.

It provides entertainment 24/7.
While some sports only happen once per week, football happens every day. Some of the most watched matches include England vs Germany, Brazil vs Mexico, Argentina vs the Netherlands and Spain vs Portugal. Football events occur all the time and people love to see them. Everyone loves to cheer for their home country whenever it is playing against another nation. People can even go online and watch games live instead of going to stadiums. Same as how people can visit australia online casino sites and play casino games instead of visit a physical one.

In conclusion, football is more than just a sport – it’s a lifestyle. Those who enjoy it should let everyone know about it. If you start talking about football, your friends will want to know what it is and how to play it. And if you can teach them, you’ll be helping yourself as well.