There has never been a doubt that it’s Cristiano Ronaldo who has broken every record in football history. He was born in the Portuguese town of Funchal and started his career at Sporting Lisbon before moving to Manchester United in 2009. Here is something you need to know about CR7.

How did he get his nickname?
Well, Ronaldo is known as “CR7” because he wore number seven when he first joined Manchester United. His teammates then decided they wanted to name him after their captain Wayne Rooney, so they chose the name Cristiano and added an extra zero to make it appear like 7. Did you know that at casinoclic casino you can place your bet on any football player of your choice.

What does he do outside of football?
CR7 works with children through various charities, and also likes to spend time with his family. He spends most weekends with his wife and two daughters, and he enjoys playing golf.

Does Ronaldo eat anything special before matches?
Yes, he eats only one thing while watching his team play – chicken wings! But what exactly makes those chicken wings so special? When he scores goals, he uses a specially designed knife that cuts into the meat without touching the bone. This way, there will be no bones on his plate after the match is over.

Does Ronaldo drink alcohol?
No! And if anyone asks him why he would say that drinking can cause dehydration and that could lead to a loss of concentration. Also, drinking too much water can give you headaches or dizziness. So, how does this international soccer star stay fit? It’s simple, lots of running around!

Is Ronaldo famous for any other reason aside from being a great footballer?
Yes, Ronaldo is very rich. The Spanish magazine Forbes estimated his net worth at $252 million.He was once named one of the most richest footballers in the world.

Has Ronaldo ever married?
Yes! In 2009, he got hitched to model Georgina Rodriguez. They had been dating since 2005 but didn’t officially announce their engagement until 2010. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2013. But that doesn’t mean Ronaldo hasn’t found love again. Did you know that top online casino players like to bet on players like Cristiano Ronaldo.

We hope these facts were helpful for you. Did you learn something new today? I sure learned a lot of things about Cristiano Ronaldo. Who knows, maybe you can become a millionaire someday just like him! You can begin by playing an online casino.