Mookie Betts is not just a top talent in this market. He is putting up numbers that align with that of a Hall of Fame superstar. He turned 27 on Monday and this is often the peak for a player of his position. Since his first season in the big league, he has won 39.7 Wins above Replacement and he is ranked as being the 10th best player for his age. He is even ahead of other players, including Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio or even Willie Mays. Of course, Betts really does benefit because he has some elitist defensive factors. Other generations did not grade Ultimate Zone Ratings or even Defensive Runs either.

Betts really is a franchise talent and this ultimately brings about the question, are the Red Sox going to trade him while in his prime? Or are they going to keep him and hopefully turn him into the face of the organisation in the near future? It’s important to know that there have been times when teams have either traded or even explored trading elite players like this, and some of them are moved within one year of coming out of free agency.

Ken Griffey Jr.
Casinos need to do a few things to come out on top in the betting market. They need to invest in casino SEO, and they also need to offer great odds. If Mookie Betts was traded then this could cause quite a stir in the industry, especially if the trade happened to be for Ken Griffey Jr. The Mariners were constrained when they tried to trade Griffey because he had the right to try and veto any deal. That being said, he did come out with a few clubs in which he would accept a trade. Gillick worked out a four-player package that is essentially anchored by Mike Cameron and Brett Tomko. Gillick believes that you can’t waste money at the end of the day, but by the looks of things it worked out nicely. The public, fans and sportspeople all stated that the team did the right thing by getting rid of Kenny, but would the Red Sox fans feel the same way about Mookie Betts?

Manny Machado
When you look at the 2017 season, you’ll soon see that the Orioles were quickly approaching an organisational pivot. They weren’t sure if they should try and reload for the future, or if they should try and be more competitive in the future. Baltimore knew more than anyone that Machado would leave free agency, and that’s why they tried to work out a trade. Dan Duquette, the GM for the Orioles at the time stated that the market wasn’t too robust and that they failed. They ended up getting five prospects for him and this didn’t end up being very lucrative at all. Could the same thing happen to the Red Sox?

Paul Goldschmidt
Just one year ago, the Diamondbacks had a franchise player with Paul Goldschmidt. He had one year left on his contract before he was due to hit free agency. The Arizona market consisted of around four teams for the baseman and they chose to deal him to St. Louis in exchange for two projective players. This deepened their pool of talent, and this could be great if the Red Sox are able to pull this off.