What makes Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest football player ever? Is it his dribbling skills or his ability to score goals? Or maybe he has an incredible instinctive eye for goal? Whatever it is, let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that separate him from other great best casino in usa players.

He Can Score Beautifully
Ronaldo’s style of play is quite different than the rest. Since he plays as a forward, he likes to use his speed and skill to get past defenders. He uses feints, flicks, dummies, and tricks to deceive opponents. This technique allows him to create space and open teammates up.

He Has An Incredible Work Ethic
Cristiano Ronaldo can be seen working out almost every day. He does work out so much that he once tweeted that if you want to become fit, all you have to do is exercise three hours a day. His dedication to fitness isn’t surprising considering he spends most of his time training away from home. While he was living in Madrid, he would train at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. That stadium holds 90,000 fans and has been the home ground of Real Madrid since 1956. Ronaldo also takes part in training sessions with the club as well as individual practices and physical therapy. Ronaldo usually trains twice a week and sometimes three times.

He Has A Huge Fan Base
He has more than 100 million followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This number includes both men and women. Most of those fans follow his career details, including where he goes shopping, what restaurants he loves, how many calories he consumes daily, and the latest gossip surrounding him. Many believe that if he wasn’t such a celebrity, he could easily pass for a normal person. But Ronaldo prefers to remain anonymous.

He Is Smart About Money
Ronaldo earns a multi-million dollar salary each year he has played professionally. The amount varies depending on which team Ronaldo plays for.

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