If you’ve ever watched a game of your favorite NFL team, had a comment on every action and player change, you probably wondered what it would look like if you had the opportunity to lead the team. Would you have more success than proven expert coaches and team managers?

Your desire can be fulfilled with the help of fantasy games, as a representative of the NFL club you want. Real sports fans enjoy competing with each other, uncertain outcomes of matches, organizing player trades, etc. As seen on the Fanspeaks NFL mock draft page, this is precisely the mock draft that people enjoy most.

Mock Draft in Fantasy Games and Real World
In the virtual world, people play fantasy sports. Since not everyone can be a professional athlete and play or train the most famous NFL clubs, participating in strategic games like this gives you a chance to feel that excitement.

The most loyal fans compete with each other to win a virtual championship. They can form teams and execute different offense and defense strategies. Just like in real matches, the outcome is impossible to predict because you never know your opponents and how good they are.

As a representative of your virtual team, you can participate in a mock draft. You have all the freedom to exchange players or draft positions and to show off with your knowledge and managerial skills. Your ranking after the finished players’ exchange will show your level of success. On this page, you can see some ground rules on which mistakes to avoid when creating your team.

Why Mock Draft Attracts Attention
If you translate it into everyday language, the mock draft is a simulation of real player trading. In addition to being a popular tactical game, it is also widely used by journalists, commentators, and sports analysts. Before the real event takes place every year in April, this simulation is a great way to train and check strategies and to evaluate the profitability of particular trades and players.

It can be said to be a public secret, but NFL clubs often have insight into the listicles fans are posting. Ordinary people, on the other hand, do it for fun, but also to see if their wishes will match the club’s decisions. It’s a kind of personal satisfaction when your favorite club, for example, picks up a quarterback you selected as the first pick.

One of the main reasons why this simulation attracts a lot of attention is that anyone can participate and compete. Although they do not want to admit it, NFL clubs are paying attention to some mockers who have proven themselves in this area. There are always some unrealistic desires and expectations, but it often happens that their predictions come true.

Not a Simple Guesstimating
For those who may not be so much into American football or fantasy sports, this ‘obsession’ with mock drafts is a confusing thing. Still, faithful fans and players know that this simulation is very applicable in the real world.

To help you understand how the exchange of players works, see the page below:


This simulation, in a way, represents the expectations of the fans and their secret desires for how their favorite teams should look. NFL club executives are conducting these ‘trial’ drafts in preparation for this important event; this helps them to question public opinion as well as to project future trades.

As far as the real draft is concerned, all decisions about future trades are made behind the curtain. NFL club executives never go public with the information whom they pick or trade; everything is in the realm of guessing and creating listicles in mock drafts. So, these simulations primarily represent the desire for a trade to come to fruition, and only then a potential projection of what the players’ exchange will look like.

Fans enjoy when their favorite team plays well and wins, but many of them want to take an active part in those successes. Although clubs carry out in-depth checks, interviews, and player statistics before they make any trade, the suggestions of loyal supporters can also be helpful. Participating in a mock draft is the best way to get their voices heard.