Each finds a little piece of themselves in some sport. Depending on our personality, we try to find the activity that suits our physical and mental abilities. Some of us like more serious sports and others want to play for fun.

Whether you are in the first or second group, the best sport for you is bowling. It can be a combination of serious competition and fun activity with friends. If you have been bowling for some time, you know that there is the necessary equipment for safe and, at the same time, fun bowling.

From shoes to bags and performance balls, different options accommodate a particular person’s needs. If you want to keep reading about this topic, follow the link: https://www.rookieroad.com/bowling/equipment/.

Beginning of bowling
Bowling is a sport that has been known and played for generations now. Because of its easy construction and design, it is a sport that has been present in almost every civilization. The very first evidence of these sport dates since ancient Egypt.

Archeologists found evidence on the walls where drawings were representing the game we know today as bowling. From game design to game equipment, these artifacts clearly show that this sport has been played in different parts of the world and with tools tailored to each area accordingly.

Although they used different types of materials to build the equipment, the game’s goal was everywhere the same. From Egypt in 5200 B.C. to the Roman Empire in the 1st century, A.C. people have been making different sizes and weights of balls to play and compete in this sport.

There is no doubt that the popularity of bowling has only been rising from then to now. But the evolution of the equipment is quite interesting actually. The Egyptians were showing their creativity by mixing and combining husks of grains to create a single bowl.

Then they used to cover it with leather and to tighten it with stings. Some of the artifacts show that there were porcelain balls used later for better performance in the game. It was a popular sport among people, even in the past.

Since then, many different ball sizes and weights to accommodate every person’s needs were created. In this guide, you will read about the various performance ball designs and how to choose the right one for you.

Performance Bowling Ball from polyester/plastic
For beginners and newies, all balls may seem the same, just in a different color. But the truth is that there are significant differences between this part of the equipment. From size to weight, to materials and hooks, bowling balls could be as different as night and day.

The first one and most popular one are the ones made of plastic. This is probably the ones you will find and use in your first game. This is because there are very affordable and are specifically designed for the inexperienced ones.

They are easier to carry and use and offer great comfort to the hand for those who need to focus more on the steps than on the ball’s weight. They are popular today as entry balls but are not new to the market.

These balls date since the late 1960s when they appeared as a more sophisticated and better solution than the rubber ones. The greatest advantage is that they produce a little amount of friction when in touch with the lane and therefore allow the players to accomplish their move in a straight trajectory.

You can find these balls in a local bowling alley because that is the place where both experienced and inexperienced people go. Basically, these balls are easier to use and get accustomed to.

Anyway, it is an excellent option to buy a couple of your own bowling balls. This way, you will choose the right size and weight for you. You will get used to it very soon, as long as you practice enough. On top of that, you can find the material and quality you desire as well.

Urethane as a material
Unlike plastic ones that are super easy for novices, these are good for everyone who wishes to become a more professional bowler. Even if you are not planning on competing, there is no harm in owning professional equipment and feeling like a real pro.

These types of bowling balls are usually the middle ground between a newie and a professional. Basically, intermediate bowlers use them because they are the next level of bowling. This means that when you overcome the basic steps and learn some techniques, it is time to go to another level.

The plastic ones can be a little slippery, which is precisely why the urethane ones were made. They stick to the hand more steadily and therefore are a better option when you want to show some of your new moves.

For real pros: reactive resin
Because bowling tirelessly and continuously has been climbing the ladder of popularity, the major companies are continually trying to improve the game and offer better equipment for the bowlers.

This was when balls from resin or reactive resin were invented. They were designed nearly 20 years after the urethane ones, and their goal is to be even more stable. This comes in handy in competitions where there is used a little more oil on the line. Better hooking is one of the crucial things to achieve better scores. Learn more here.

These types of balls are usually used by professional bowlers, and of course, there are subtypes of them that suit every competitor differently. This is possible due to the fact the particles from the resin can be in different sizes. Moreover, they can be put in the material in large or small quantities.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you should do a little research on the market before buying bowling equipment. If you are having doubts about what to purchase, you can always consult a professional for advice.