Baseball is one of the best sports to bet on if you’re looking to make money. The main reason for this is that it offers far more betting opportunities than most other sports. There are thousands of baseball games during the regular MLB season, and many other countries have baseball leagues too. Aside from there being loads of games to bet on, baseball is unique in that outcomes are relatively easy to predict. Some sports are fairly unpredictable, but baseball outcomes can often be calculated from statistics and data.

However, the fact that baseball outcomes can be predicted more easily means that it can be harder to beat the sportsbooks. One of the best ways around this is through prop bets. Proposition bets, better known simply as prop bets, are different from regular betting options. These bets are offered by legal PA sportsbooks and other sports betting sites around the country. Rather than betting on the outcome of the game, you’re betting that a specific event occurs. This could be a bet on a certain player scoring a home run, or a bet on which team reaches five runs first.

Top Baseball Prop Bets
There are loads of different prop bets on offer at most sportsbooks. The biggest games will usually have more prop bets available, but all regular MLB games will usually have the following:

  • Team to score first – You bet on the team you think is most likely to score first.
  • Whether a run will be scored in the first inning – This is a simple yes or no bet on whether you think a run will be scored in the first inning.
  • If a certain player will score a homerun – Think a player will score a home run at some point in the game? If you bet on this and they do, you’ll be a winner.
  • Pitcher vs. pitcher for most strikeouts – This is a choice between two pitchers on which will throw the most strikeouts during the game.
  • Over/under on the total number of strikeouts – Bet above or below the number of total strikeouts that you think will happen over the course of the game.
  • Will the game go to extra innings – If you bet yes, the game will need to go to extra innings for you to win.
  • Over/under on the combined number of home runs – This bet is on the total number of home runs during a match, with the option being above or below a set number.

Baseball Prop Bet Tips
There are a huge number of prop bets available on every baseball game, meaning there are thousands of options a week during the season. It can be difficult to know which bets are best and how to be successful. Before you get started, it’s always important to do your research. You can find lots of free information about baseball news and form online.

After doing research and understanding each team’s chances for their upcoming game, you should choose a good sportsbook. Always base your choice around the odds being offered, as better odds will make a big difference to your profits. Finally, ensure that you choose your bets based on the research you’ve done, not a gut feeling. Baseball betting can be profitable, so long as you manage your spending and ensure you don’t get carried away.