Betting on the Red Sox has never been easier. The only problem is that Bosox fans might think better of it as Alex Cora’s men are at +6600 to win the 2024 World Series.

While it might look like the wait for the Commissioner’s Trophy will extend into at least a seventh year after glory in 2018, the silver lining is that there is still value to be found in betting on the Red Sox with the in-play market.

Indeed, with over half the MLB campaign still to go, this season is alive with possibilities when placing bets while games are live.

What is in-play betting?
In-play betting is a type of bet offered by sportsbooks for a sporting event that is live. These sportsbooks provide user-friendly apps which allow you to engage with the event in real time, sometimes offering live streaming services as well. This form of wagering lends itself to baseball and MLB fixtures in particular as games run for over two hours.

Essentially, you’re able to sample the action before nailing your colors to the mast.

So let’s say the Red Sox are playing the Yankees and you’re unsure how this game is going to play out, so choose to keep your powder dry and rather monitor the first few innings to get a feel for who could win.

You soon notice that the Yankees don’t have an answer to Tanner Houck’s pitching. Having observed this, you’re now confident that this trend will continue and place a bet on the Red Sox to beat their rivals.

In the event that they were to run out 5-0 winners as they did in September 2023, you would be instantly paid out at the odds at which you placed your bet. Essentially, you’re striking a balance between gambling and real-time evidence with in-play betting.

How to bet in-play?
The best way to make the most of the in-play market is by using an app that can be downloaded onto a smartphone. There is an incentive to do so as you will usually get a welcome bonus when you sign up with a new bookmaker.

As for why an app trumps other online options when wagering on live markets, the truth is that in-play betting goes hand in hand with mobile devices.

In essence, you are making a judgment call based on the visuals you are seeing so to get your bet placed in time to capitalize on the odds being offered, you need to have quick and easy access to the markets.

Additionally, betting apps on handheld mobile devices give you the freedom to bet live wherever you are. So if you’re out in Beantown but are keeping one eye on the Red Sox game and soon notice a pattern of play, you can place the specific bet to back your hunch; irrespective of the social setting you’re in.

Small victories
As touched on, the odds may not favor the Red Sox for the 2024 World Series but in-play betting offers Bosox fans a chance to find value and excitement during live games this season. With the convenience of mobile sports betting apps, you can seize the opportunity when it presents itself.