Sometimes, rules are what make the online pokies at games that you like even more fun. They will be there to help set the game apart from the rest. The same also applies to the world of football. Rules are what make the game of football be different from a rugby game or the game of soccer. Here are some NFL rules we think are rather strange.

Rules Surrounding the Coin Toss
You would think that the coin toss is trivial in the game of football. A coin is usually tossed at the beginning of the game or the overtime. This will help determine who starts with the ball. But, did you know that a team can automatically lose their chance? The rule is that every player has to be available for this ritual. Failure to do so for one team will mean that the other team is the automatic winner.

The Drop Kick Rule
A drop kick will help you win an extra point in Football. But, not every player has managed to master the art of doing so. It took 1a 64 year old gap for former quarterback of the patriots, Doug Flutie to make history in his career. The first drop kick was made in 1941 while his followed in 2001. This is when the ball is bounced off the ground and kicked right through the goal posts.

Advancing your Chances with the Fair Catch
Even though you will stand a chance to win more at high roller casino online, a fair catch is not as simple as anyone would think. The rule of the game is that the receiving player will have to do that. After making this request the player will then have to quick the ball through the goal posts in order to win three points. The last successful fair catch was made back in 1976 by former San Diego chargers player, Ray Wersching.