Many bodybuilders, fitness junkies, and professional athletes take part in rigorous exercise routines to get their body looking cut and ripped. For those of us who have a normal 8-5 day job, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to achieve our desired aesthetic body.

You can get into shape fast by using additional supplements. When you incorporate legal steroids into your daily diet, you’ll have the endurance, stamina, and energy to exercise once or even twice a day. Not only will you feel more energetic, but you’ll start seeing results much faster than with your normal 3 times a week jogging session.

First off, it’s important to note that doing illegal AAS substances are harmful to your health. And that it’s extremely dangerous to misuse, abuse, and overdose on them. It’s best to go about this new addition into your exercising routine safely.

Watch this informative video by popular bodybuilder, Ryan Ankrom, on how to safely start your first steroid cycle:

If you are curious about legal alternative anabolic steroids and want to give it a go, then read our following guide.

There are loads of misconceptions when it comes to steroids. Many people claim that it causes extreme rage, low sex drive, and even decrease the size of your penis. As a matter of fact, there are many different types of steroids on the market, each with a different function. Some really focus on giving you a boost of energy, whilst others drastically increase your muscle mass.
It depends on how you use these supplements to support your eventual physical goal. Whether it’s cutting, fat loss, post workout recovery, or bodybuilding, it will all depend on how you stack your supplements and how you use it.

Basically, anabolic steroids are synthetic (man-made) versions of the male hormone, testosterone. Testosterone are found in high quantities within the male body and low quantities within the female body. When a user takes steroids, there overall physical performance will improve. When used incorrectly there are a few side effects involved.

When combined with a series of strength training and cardiovascular exercises, the user can achieve excellent results. Read this for extra tips on workout routines you can incorporate in order for anabolic steroids to achieve excellent results faster.

If you’ve never used legal steroid alternatives before, you are in for a treat. Moving from performance enhancing supplements to something more potent can really boost your physical appearance.

The best anabolics for beginners include the following:

Dianabol was the first anabolic steroid to be created and developed, thus people have crowned it The King. There are many other names associated with this one such as the scientific name, Methandrostenolone, or the street name, D-Bol.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger used it back in the day. Making this roid extremely popular.

The ultimate function of Dianabol is to bulk up. If you want bigger muscles, then Dianabol is for you.

Anavar is popular because it has the least side effects of any of the roids. It’s also known as the ‘girl’ in the family. This shouldn’t put you off though, since it still does its job.

Especially if you’re a beginner, starting off with Anavar is a great option. When you buy this steroid online, most sellers will advertise it as a great steroid for women. That is also great for increasing weight loss and adding lean mass.

All steroids are based on the male hormone, testosterone. That’s why a testosterone alternative is also a great place to start. Because testosterone is naturally produced by the body, you’ll be taking a supplement to increase it in your body without experiencing harmful side effects.

It can speed up your metabolism, increase the burning of fat cells that are stuck on lean muscle, as well as bulking the muscles.

Most legal steroid alternatives can be found in pill form and are taken orally. Some can be injected. But as a rule, when you are a beginner, is to not jump onto the injection train just yet.

To be aware of the strict dosage protocol, it’s important that you consult the shop selling you the products. As a rule, it is suggested that you don’t take more than 30 milligrams per day.
Many users take a 10mg pill in the morning before their workout and another 10mg before their evening workout. Alternatively, you can take another 10mg over lunch time.

Back in the 1930s, when steroids were first discovered. It was used to increase the lean muscle mass in animals. After a few more tests, it was discovered that this drug actually held a series of benefits for humans too.

For a complete list of benefits check here:

Once they discovered that steroids can also help professional sportsmen and women with increased muscle mass, strength, bulking, stamina, and overall athletic performance, many started using it.

This actually gave users an edge over their competitors, creating an unfair advantage for users over non-users. And so, they were banned from sports. In later years, the FDA did discover that the abuse of steroids can cause a series of harmful side effects too, and so athletes were advised not to use steroids anymore.

Mainly it’s banned because of the physical advantage users have over other competitors.

Post Cycle Therapy isn’t something many users actually talk about. This is an extremely important part if you want to finish a successful program. No matter how mild the cycle was you went on, it’s important that you do go on a PCT to restore your testosterone levels.

Some PCT drugs include Nolvadex, HCG, and Clomid. They will also help in preventing side effects, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, as well as restore all your hormone levels back to normal.

You will achieve great results when you use anabolic steroids wisely and safely, followed up with PCT.