What have you heard about sports curses? Even if you are a skeptic and find objective reasons for everything, you will have no choice but to admit: the following situations are far from logic and statistical laws.

Boston Red Sox
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For 84 long-lasting years, Red Socks was recognized as complete losers and voluntary sufferers because of the player Babe Ruth nicknamed Bambino.

The finals of the US Baseball Championship, the World Series, were held every year since 1903. The team was incredibly successful. All of a sudden, after the 1919 season, the owner of the Boston team decided to sell his best player to the New York Yankees.

It was a fatal mistake. It seemed that along with Bambino, the fortune moved from Boston to New York. In the aftermath, it led to a series of fails. However, Red Socks managed to get its title of a legendary team by winning in the World Series against St. Louis Cardinals.

Chicago Cubs
The Chicago Cubs played the World Series against the Detroit Tigers. The fourth match was held at their home. The owner of the goat tavern, Billy Sianis, came to spectate the Cubs along with an animal. Fans in the neighborhood began to complain about its stench and demanded it to be taken away. Sianis was suggested leaving the field with his lovely pet-friend. Then Billy claimed that the Cubs would never win anything again. That is, Chicago really lost, and the next hundred games too up to 2016. They became the champion for the first time in 71 years.

It is still possible to watch them on the baseball fields. Bring your date from HookupGeek to the game and enjoy it together.

This story involves Bela Guttmann, who was a skillful coach and made an invaluable contribution to the development of football. In 1959, he started to train Benfica. For three years, Bela twice won the Portuguese championship with the team and once the Cup of the country. However, the main trophies were two European Cups.

It was apparent that after such a success, Bela, with a clear conscience, came to the leadership and demanded a promotion. Surprisingly enough, he was told that the team with such a masterful player as Eusebio, who was taught by Bela, could win without a coach at all, and refused to pay more.

That is, Guttmann shouted that Benfica would not win in European competitions for a hundred years without him. The players still struggle to take their luck back, but there is no good.

Every sports team has its ups and downs, but sometimes the circumstances are out of its control and cannot be predictable. Despite this, a true fan always expresses support by visiting each game. Come on your own or bring along the awesome company with the help of HookupGeek.