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The MLB lockout will come to an end and the 2022 season will begin. Until then, the Red Sox’s roster is riddled with deficiencies that prohibit them from being considered genuine contenders. Trades may be the best approach to get impact players now that many of the top free agents have already signed contracts.

I attempted to be as realistic as possible while compiling this list. Josh Hader may be the ideal closer for the Milwaukee Brewers, but the Red Sox don’t have the prospect capital to acquire him, and the Brewers aren’t inclined to part with him. I wanted to locate deals that were similar to Chaim Bloom’s stay with the Red Sox: under-the-radar, manageable, and not too expensive. Nevertheless, if you would like to support Red Sox throughout the season, you can do on these siti scommesse illegali, all platforms offer fantastic promotions, offers, bonuses and much more.

Mike Moustakas (First Base)
The option of Mike Moustakas as a prospective Red Sox trade target may seem to be a lacklustre one. He has a.217/.304/.413 slash line over the previous two years, with just 14 home runs and 49 RBI. There are two years and $34 million left on Moustakas’ deal, so it doesn’t seem Bloom is interested in acquiring him at the age of 33.

Moustakas as a trade target makes more sense when the stats are placed in perspective. Although Moustakas isn’t worth $17 million a year at this stage in his career, the Red Sox are likely to make the rebuilding Reds pick up a large amount of his money. In addition, acquiring him would not need the same prospect package as Matt Olson, the A’s top first baseman on the market.

Tony Kemp (Middle Infielder)
After a stellar season, Tony Kemp might be the next Athletic to be moved. Kemp had been a journeyman infielder for the first five years of his career until breaking out in 2021 with a slash line of.279/.382/.418 and a WAR of 3.4. It all stemmed from Kemp’s excellent strike-zone management: He was in the top 10% of baseball in both walks and strikeouts.

Sonny Gray (Frontline Starting Pitcher)
Sonny Gray of the Cincinnati Reds is an excellent candidate to fill the Red Sox’s need as a starting pitcher. In recent years, Gray’s stats have taken a beating since he throws in one of the most hitter-friendly venues. He’s had a lower FIP than ERA since 2020, when ballpark effects were taken into account.