For many the recent change in legislation in relation to sports betting couldn’t have come soon enough – especially for those who have taken their chances with non-licensed sports betting. The changes which were brought into effect at the end of November meant that in Rhode Island for the first time in decades it was legal for sports fans place a bet on their favorite sports team. And yes, that includes the Red Sox who have been keen to be part of the changing landscape of sports betting which is unrecognizable from the sports betting fans enjoyed before the ban. Major technological advancements have paved the way for gambling companies to provide an easy, safe and convenient gaming experience to fans looking to place bets via an app. With the sports betting apps, bets can be placed in minutes and there are hundreds of different outcomes to choose from.

While some sporting teams may not be taking kindly to the amendments, the Red Sox have come out in full support of the changes. The blanket ban on sports betting was previously imposed due how much sports betting was carried out illegally. Yet, since that time online sports betting has thrived in other countries and regions such as the UK and it was time for America to finally be brave enough about looking to strengthen the relationship between sports and betting once more. There have been many changes to the online gambling landscape since the ban was imposed in 1992. Even though sports betting still dominates the market in many regions such as the UK, online casinos which feature online slot games as their flagship games are now taking a considerable share in the profits. Online slots have found a way to incorporate sports-themed betting with their progressive online slot games.

There are now even baseball-themed slots to appeal to all of the baseball fans who may be missing out on the rush of pitch-side adrenaline when the season ends. The Red Sox may not have their own slot game dedicated to them just yet but with the amount of gambling corporations entering into sponsorship deals with major teams, it doesn’t seem likely that Red Sox fans will be waiting all too long.

The day after the legalization of sports betting, it was announced that MGM Resorts International became the first official gaming partner of a major league baseball team. And you can be sure that the trend will continue to develop with back-to-back developments already being put into place even if states such as Massachusetts are still to legalize sports betting. Yet, it will only be a matter of time before sports betting becomes legal in all of the New England states.

But What Did the Red Sox Have to Say About the Legalization?
There have been plenty of press releases to prove that the Red Sox are welcoming the gambling industry back into the sports world. The new legislation will mean that they receive their own slice of the recently legal pie. There are high expectations of a positive revenue impact for the team, even if the revenue amount is at this point unknown. Yet, experts are anticipating an increase in engagement from people paying attention to, following and engaging with the Red Sox now that the team has the ability to win them some cash! The ability to place a bet on the game outcome brings fans closer to the action and gives them the chance to get involved in the excitement.

Red Sox CEO Sam Kennedy has predicted that the legal sports gambling industry will stand to get a decent share of the illegal market, which is estimated to be worth up to $150 billion dollars each year. Although there will be a cash injection for the Red Sox, they won’t directly benefit from each bet which has been placed, or will they ever see what resembles an “integrity fee” granted by the gambling sponsors. Yet, it is the perfect opportunity to boost the number of viewers of MLB TV viewing ratings which have been in decline in the past few years.

The change in legislation will also have a direct impact on the Red Sox through the sponsorship deal which has already been put into place with Foxwoods Resort Casino which is located in Connecticut. Along with the predicted revenue increase, the Red Sox will also be able to benefit from increased signage and advertising from their new sponsors which will engage their fans in new ways.

With the new opportunity to bet on a wide variety of outcomes with standard odds, the prospect of being able to place a bet on the Red Sox is now more appealing than ever. While the ban was put in place sports fans still found a way to place a bet by doing so through an illegal non-licensed operator or by doing so via off-shore bets. Kennedy is certain that now the revenue potentials are out there and known and there to take advantage of ticket sales and viewership will increase which means the team may be granted the opportunity to increase their sponsorship rates. As the Red Sox already have the highest payroll in MLB the sky seems to be the limit for the team. This may mean in 2019 through revenue sharing there will be improvements made to the Fenway area or the Fenway Sports Group empire.

The Red Sox are currently remaining hopeful that the ban on sports betting in Massachusetts will be lifted in 2019, lest they run afoul of Interpol lawyers London. Now that your encyclopedic knowledge of the Red Sox has the ability to win you some cash through a reputable gambling organisation, there’s no excuse not to religiously keep up with all of the latest stats from the team as you can predict just what will happen for a pitcher in real time. So, rather than just placing a bet before the game starts on the outcome, you’ll be able to place multiple bets as the excitement mounts throughout the gameplay!