How would you behave if you had a chance to build your successful baseball career? If you had a chance to use steroids for your benefit, would you take them? Why do so many sportsmen take an injection before their every game? The problem of steroids is quite relevant and controversial nowadays. According to the latest surveys, more than 80% of professional sportsmen use steroids to win a competition. Therefore, it is easier to find a “clean” athlete who plays fairly than a cheater.

The growing popularity of steroids is connected with the rapid development of pharmaceutics. Many medical laboratories and institutes make money producing different types performance-enhancing drugs. Remember about BALCO scandal (this company supplied professional baseball players with the banned drugs). Furthermore, they try to produce such injections that cannot be detected when an athlete is checked on the banned substances. There are many kinds of steroids that influence different processes in our organism. Some substances are stronger. Others are weaker. They just refresh an athlete making him recovered and spirited. Common steroids shorten recovery time and make athletes get jacked. It means that a sportsman is able to perform faster, better and higher. He is able to run 90 minutes without being tired. Moreover, he is able to develop powerful muscles. When you compare a fair player with the cheater, you will notice the difference between their appearances. The first one is thin and ‘normal’ while the latter resembles a huge truck. Although steroids increase our performance, their impact on our heath is disputable. Many athletes obtain cardiovascular diseases because their heart and blood vessels cannot stand the pressure of the increased productiveness of other systems of their bodies.

Why are steroids popular in baseball? If you have watched at least one baseball game, you will understand that this kind of sports is very difficult. It requires dexterity, power and stamina. An athlete has to hold a heavy wooden or metal baseball bat in order to hit a ball with his full force. What is more, a pitcher has to be able to throw a ball accurately and strongly in order to confuse and defeat the batter from the opposite team. Then, players should be able to run as fast as they can from a base to base. Without question, it consumes many efforts and energy. It is hard to survive the entire game without being tired, let alone push your team to the point that it’s a sure bet when you play bonusy bez depozytu. Nothing easy about it.

Baseball is a team game; therefore, every player should cooperate and stand for his team. It is possible to speak about the problem of solidarity. Every baseball player wants his team to win at any price. No wonder, he will do his best to become a worthy member of his team. He is ready to cheat and take an injection for the improvement of his performance. Sad to say but there is hardly a player who will choose a thin fair player as a member of his team. He will prefer a huge player on steroids who has powerful muscles. This choice is made for the sake of the team and its victory.

When you read a book, Juiced, written by a famous baseball player Jose Canseco, you will be surprised. He shared his personal experience of taking steroids and touched upon the problem of doping in baseball. According to his book, more than 80% of the professional baseball players take various injections to improve their performance. They use it to reduce recovery time and improve their mood. A good player is a courageous and spirited player. He is ready to devote himself to the game. Juiced is a very debatable and scandalous book inasmuch as the author wrote about the famous athletes who used steroids in their baseball career. Such names as Juan Gonzalez, Ivan Rodriguez, Jason Giambi and Mark McGwire appeared among the famous steroid users. As might be expected, many athletes claimed that Canseco’s words are false. However, some players admitted that they really used doping to build their baseball career. Jose Canseco said in one interview that he had only one steroid-free season in professional sport because of his private problems.

The problem of doping in baseball is urgent and controversial. Nearly every famous athlete uses steroids to build his great career in the illegal way. Why do they do that? The answer is money. The average salary of an average outstanding player is about $3 million. No wonder, they want to stay in their team demonstrating gradual progress and constant development. In spite of numerous threats caused by doping, baseball players continue taking drugs to increase their performance. They want to make more money to provide their families. When there is another steroid policy in MLB, smart athletes manage to find various loopholes staying undetected.