The NFL like any other sport has got some strange rules that the fans and even the players have a hard time believing. Such that as soon as the referee blows the whistle you are looking at each wondering what happened and why it happened as everything seemed to be going just fine. And well, rules are rules and they have to be followed even the weirdest ones that we will examine in this post.

Fortunately or unfortunately all sports and even some games, like gambling with real money games have some rules that always have us wondering how they were made to begin with.

Weird NFL Rules

The Fair Catch Kick
This is one of the way that players can get a whopping 3 points in one go. After receiving the fair catch from either a kick off or punt, the receiving team can either run or play or they can also opt for the fair catch kick. This is a free kick that happens in place of the beginning of a drive. However, the last time that this was done properly done in the NFL was in 1976.

Out Of Bounds Kicks
Another strange but true NFL rule is the out of bounds kick. During a kick off, not a punt, a receiving player can stop out of bounds with the ball in order to advance it to the 40 yard line. But the question is why would a player do this. Well, this is because if the player touches the ball when it is out of bounds, the ball is considered to be out of bounds as well.

The Drop Kick
It seems there are a series of strange kicks that are allowed in the NFL. And in this case we shall look at the drop kick. This is when a quarterback is allowed to move forward with a ball by dropping it on the ground and kicking it off the bounce and play cinema casino online slots. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s this was very common when the NFL had rounder football kicks. However, it was last done in 2005.