Baseball is supposed to be a non-contact sport, but it seems to involve plenty of fights, for a seemingly gentle game it seems to produce lots of confrontations.

Unless you’ve been on another planet you’ll have seen recently that the Red Sox and the Yankees have been scuffling again, now you know we have all the hate for the Yankees but we just think that these brawls are plain dumb! We want home runs not knock outs guys! Discover more below:

The incident
The main incident that kicked this bench brawl off was when Austin was nailed by Joe Kelly with a fastball – no accident, it was in clear retaliation. Dumb, like 12 year old in the playground dumb. Only bettered in the dumb stakes by Phil Nevin who even after the dust had settled continued his argument, the best bit of the whole affair was when he was told to get back in his box by Alex Cora though!

So this rumble was a dumb but not the most momentous ever…

San Diego Padres and Atlanta Braves
This was the longest major league brawl in history and happened in 1984. Braves pitcher Pasqual Perez was the one to instigate it when on the very first pitch, for god knows what reason, he smashed second baseman Alan Wiggins with a fastball of 95 mph. Perez was then targeted by the Padres every single time he came into bat. The Padres pitcher and manager were ejected in the fourth inning but regardless the thirst for revenge was constant and Craig Lefferts eventually succeeded in hitting Perez and the fight that followed was nasty as – even the fans joined in.

It took almost an hour before the brawl was under control and even then the battle wasn’t over- in the ninth it was the turn of Donnie Moore, the relief pitcher to hit Graig Nettles of the Padres, and another fight ensued. Not quite as full on as the first as apparently the players were too tired to give it their all. It wasn’t without its consequences though, 13 players, managers and coaches were sent from the field and 5 unlucky fans were arrested.

Why are there so many brawls?
According to psychologists baseball is an intense and emotional game that ramps up the tension but doesn’t have an outlet for letting off the steam this induces. The guys in the team go through a lot together and are essentially a band of brothers, they might eat and drink together, play games together, join in some online gambling on sites like together, basically they are family so when they feel like on of their brothers has been wronged they will all pile in to take revenge.

Will the latest brawl affect the Red Sox?
It’s pretty much guaranteed that this beef between the Sox and the Yankees isn’t over. The Yankees will no doubt throw a fast one at one of the Red Sox players which will see everyone piling from the benches and causing a big mess again. It’s dumb but apparently it’s part of the sport so as long as no one loses their head literally or comes to serious blows we’ll continue laughing at the dumbness and wishing they’d just get on with the game again! Why not play Slots Baby today for your chance to play some great baseball games