You know what? We’ve had enough of home runs and third bases for a while. We’re sick of seeing grown men run round and round and round as balls fly over their heads with all the grace of a meteorite hurtling towards Earth. We’re sick of transfers and commercialization, and hot dogs that cost tens of dollars. Seriously, why should we have to take out a mortgage just to afford some processed meat in a bun?

No matter how passionate you are about the diamond-shaped game, there comes a time in every baseball fans life when they’ve got to step away from the sand and seek out a different sport to pass the time.

But where to start? There are thousands of different sports littering your TV and, unless you fancy being glued to your telly for 24 hours a day, you’ll have to do a little bit of research to find your new favorite.

With that in mind, we’ve found a few games we reckon you’ll love. So, if you want to know your shinty from your sheep-herding, read on!

Look at the heading above. To you it means some knuckleheads running around a field wearing crash helmets. But to the rest of the world it’s the “beautiful game”, an 11-a-side slobberknocker that can turn the causal viewer into a froth-at-the-mouth mega-fan in seconds. And you can enjoy SoccerStats 247 as well, if you’re the betting sort.

On the European continent, soccer (or football) is a religion. You can even study for a football degree from a distance learning provider if you wanted to break your way into the academic part of footy. With high profile stars like David Beckham moving to the States, “soccer” has gained traction over here. But it’s still a beautiful game that many Yanks are waiting to discover.

Darts is the only sport in which a drunk man on the verge of a pulmonary embolism can win a gold trophy for throwing a miniature spear at a red dot. “ONE-HUNDRED-AND-EIGHTYYYYY!” a commentator will shout and, despite the scent of spilt cider emitting from your television screen, you’ll be hooked by the understated skill of it all.

This pub game gets played for serious money around the world, so look out for it when you’re skipping through the more obscure channels of your cable television service.

Cheese Rolling
While you might like to eat a Double Gloucester with some salad and quiche, some people like to chase after while running down a big hill. Sound moronic? Well, that’s because it is. But it’s also a right laugh to watch.

You won’t find cheese rolling on your television. But if you ever fly to England, a trip to Gloucester in the summer will be the cheesiest, rolling-est treat you’ve ever set your eyes upon.