The battle of the sexes has been ongoing for years. Women blaming men for this and men blaming for women for that. As such, this battle has creeped into all sectors that make sup our daily lives, business, best MLB betting sites in America games, and even sports as well. That is what has led us to the question of the day, should women and men compete in the same sports.

Reasons For Women To Compete With Men
1. The Physical Argument Doesn’t Count
Sports are more skill based than physical based. That is why in a boxing match for example, a boxer who is much smaller physically can beat a hulk. It’s all about skill and how well you know how to play your game.

2. Sports are More Natural
Sports are like gambling to be honest, you never really know what the outcome will be especial at gambling360 casino – best american online casino. And other than that, sports are based on talent. That is why you have players who are so young but beating older players. So plays the argument with males and females competing in the same sports. If whether one of the two is more talented, then they are more likely to win.

3. Segregation Must Fall
Lastly, segregation must fall. If men can cook as good as women can, then women can play sports as good as men can. Therefore, they can then compete in the same sports.

Why Women Should not compete with Men
While there are reasons why women can compete with men, there are also reasons why they shouldn’t. Firstly, the change will not be welcomed by many. As much as change is inevitable, it takes time to get used to it. And men and women in the same sport, as the same time in the same match will not be accepted easily.

Secondly, men are too aggressive. As such, they may end up hurting the women they are competing with all in the name of sports.