JD Martinez

Given what transpired with the club in 2020, even during a pandemic-shortened season that generated a slew of absurd outcomes, it would have been quite tough to foresee what would transpire with the Boston Red Sox in 2021. The team will bounce back fast, I know it, therefore, you can support the Boston Red Sox with these online options, you won’t receive better odds and offers than these mentioned online gaming platforms.

January – It’s definitely a fair bet that any January forecast should have nothing to do with current players, given the current lockout and the fact that it doesn’t look to be coming to an end in the next week or two. Fortunately, David Ortiz seems to be the lone candidate for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year, which makes for an easy prediction. On the basis of early votes from Ryan Thibodeaux’s Hall of Fame tracker, it’s impossible to predict how the voting will proceed in the future. Like being said, it seems that Ortiz has a reasonable chance of being inducted into Cooperstown on his first vote.

February – There seems to be no progress in reaching an agreement on a new CBA between the players and the league. A postponement or cancellation of a game or two, if not a whole season is something worth rooting for as February approaches. After the lockout expires in February, the Red Sox will make a splash by signing Seiya Suzuki. His free agency has previously been explored, and he makes sense for this squad for a variety of reasons. You can see the Boston Red Sox fixture list here.

March – Before the start of the season, we should expect to see a new contract for Bogaerts. Considering how quickly the great shortstop has risen through the ranks, an extension should still be considered by the team’s upper management. Over starters, he is the face of this club, having won two World Series and played a significant part in the team’s success for the last decade. In addition, his bat continues to function even if he shifts defensively. Bogaerts is the kind of player and person you want to stay with you for the rest of your career, I believe the club will realise this and reach an agreement with him before the conclusion of this season, when he may opt out.