One of the best parts of following a sport is finding yourself at a game where there is everything to play for. Instead of an obvious outcome, the result is up in the air, and the crowd is on the edge of their seats. Although this makes for an incredible atmosphere, it is also the kind of game to send your stress levels through the roof. If you would like to do better at staying calm at these crucial moments, you will need to take on board the following four tips. They will help you to make it through even the most difficult of games.

Practice staying calm under pressure
Firstly, you will need to practice staying calm under pressure. In order to make the most of a tense baseball game, it is important that you can take control of your nerves. If you require some practice in this department, you should look out for opportunities to push yourself. You may choose to keep your focus off a tricky outcome and on a possible winning bet for the winning team. You can increase your chances by reading the baseball news and picks and educating yourself!

Establish a lucky routine
The next tip is to establish a lucky routine. Your routine will give you something to focus on when times are getting tough. Even if you are not the superstitious type, it is still worth giving this a go. After all, special rituals are a tradition of baseball. Simply carrying around a lucky penny in your pocket could be all that it takes for you to remain positive.

Surround yourself with the right kind of people
You can also improve your chances of remaining positive by surrounding yourself with the right kind of people. When you attend a baseball game, it is normal to go as one part of a large group. It is also natural to stand with your fellow fans. However, if you don’t have any friends that support the same team as you, this might be a difficult step to take. Luckily, you can use friend-finding apps to connect with like-minded individuals. Doing so will help you to ensure you have someone to stand with for every game. That way, you will always have a strong support system to fall back on.

Read up on important stats
Another great tip is to read up on important stats. If you are going to remain calm at all times, it will help you to have a clear idea of your team’s position. You also need to be aware of each player’s specific skill set, as this will help you to understand whether or not they have a chance of turning things around. It could also be a good idea to read up on past games where the odds suddenly changed at the last minute. Otherwise, you won’t have any silver linings to think about when your team are down and out. As a baseball enthusiast, it is likely that you already have this information to hand, but there is no harm in refreshing your facts.