The bad thing about the NFL is that the career is highly dependent on age. It is not some job where you will have to wait till you turn 50 before retiring. There will always be new, younger and fresher players to replace you.

Therefore, life in the NFL is always short-lived. Meaning you should try as much as possible to make hay while the sun shines. Make use of the opportunity to establish yourself and make investments that will have you set for life. Most sportsmen struggle because they will want to live in the moment. They spend money on lavish lifestyles that will leave them bankrupt as soon as their sporting career ends. Here is what life looks like for some of your favorite Seahawks players.

Edwin Bailey
Edwin Bailey was the Seahawks guard from 1981 to 1991. The former NFL player’s net worth can have him set for life if he invests and lives within his means, people use to bet on him at Machine a sous en ligne francais and win grand prizes. However, the former footballer is now a para-educator at Mount Rainier High School.

Bailey and his partner, Tyler Earnest, work in the special education department. At least the former star is doing something useful and giving back to the community.

Josh Brown
Josh Brown played a remarkable 14 seasons in the NFL. Brown played kicker for the Seahawks from 2003 to 2007. He is now looking into being a woodworker. Brown highlights how he is struggling to find his way after the NFL. However, he has decided to use the only thing he has known how to use, his hands.

The former footballer started his own online slots company, JB Custom Live Edge. Actually, woodwork is one of Brown’s passions. Hence, we can safely say that the former footballer is actually still living his dream.

Norm Johnson
Johnson also played as the kicker for the Seahawks from 1982 to 1990. Since then, Johnson has been experimenting with his financial options. The former footballer has ventured in real estate as well as making his own wine brand. Now, Johnson is now serving as a financial planner. He confirms the fact that his life after the NFL has not really been a walk in the park but he has somehow managed to find his way.