NBA has been in existence for over 70 years now. There is a lot that has happened during all those years. The fact that basketball is many people’s favorite sport there is a lot to learn. From history, awards and many other facts that you probably don’t know. Just like online casinos that have been around for a long time, there are many interesting facts to learn about the NBA. If you are that curious NBA, check out some interesting facts.

Shaquille O’Neal Has only 1 three-pointer In His Career
If it was another player then yes, having a single three-pointer in the entire career is understandable. But not for O’Neal, he is one of the best all-time NBA players in history. He won the NBA Champion four times. But it is interesting to know that of the 22 attempts he made on making a three-pointer he only succeeded once his entire career.

The Shortest NBA Player was 5’3”
Tyrone Bogues popularly known as Muggsy is the shortest player in the NBA. With his height, it is even an extraordinary story to realize he made it to the NBA. Moreover, despite being short, Muggsy managed to block 39 shots from taller players, during his career. This short man was not just a great player he was a special player.

Paul Pierce Played Despite Being Stabbed 11 times
Paul Pierce was stabbed 11 times when he tried to stop a fight at a bar. He was stabbed from the face, the neck and also his back. He was rushed to the hospital by a former mate who was, according to the experts at real money online slots, Tony Battie. Despite being horribly injured and undergoing lung surgery, Pierce was back in the court in no time and even played 82 games. This was between 2001-2002. For a man who was that injured, it was extraordinary and seemed impossible to have him back on the court in a short time.

LeBron James Uses His Right Hand To shoot But Is Left Handed
LeBron James uses his left hand to both eat, write and everything else. But have you ever seen him in the game? He makes use of his right hand to shoot. In an interview, he was once asked why he uses his right hand only for shooting. His response was that he tried imitating his idols when he was younger. That is when he started shooting with the right hand.