Nowadays, kids have a different idea of fun. During my time, there were no computers, laptops, or any other type of gadget (don’t ask me about my age though). There were emerging technologies but they were too expensive for an ordinary family to have and they were not as refined as they are now. As kids, the rest of my generation and I were happy and contented to feel connected with the environment. It was the norm to go outside, converse, and experience the world firsthand.

Sure enough, life has become easier thanks to technology. Now, everything seems faster and easier. Long distance relationships don’t feel as far thanks to online communication systems and social media websites. Sending letters don’t take weeks; it won’t take days even. You can compose a letter and send it in minutes thanks to online messaging systems like Yahoo Mail and Gmail. Everything is now accessible and made easy. Even entertainment has largely become virtual.

Instead of going to see the mountains, kids of today search a picture of it. Instead of going to see the great oceans, they just lounge on their sofas and pop the National Geographic channel on TV. What I’m trying to say is that the world is opting towards a more passive way of living. They forego real life experiences for visual and auditory data. I guess it works; I guess it satisfies their need for exploration seeing that nobody seems to complain about it.

However, I still beg to differ. I think that at the end of the day, nothing beats the experience of being outside (read more). Nothing can compare to the feeling of the great outdoors. I’m talking about hiking in the mountains, swimming in crystal clear waters, and diving from the highest and most majestic cliffs. No visual or auditory data can ever let you experience that kind of thrill. You have to be outside and experience it for yourself.

This is why to all the parents and community leaders out there, I challenge you to encourage the youth to love the outside world. Get them to go out of their shell and experience the world for themselves. I think one of the main reasons why young people of today have given up on actively participating in life is that we, adults, also just let things be. We, too, have become sloppy and lazy. We’d rather join them in their passive ways. We don’t build or develop places for outdoor activities anymore. Instead, we build cyber centers, movie houses, and other things that only promote passive ways of living. What if we redirect all of these developments and efforts towards projects that help promote environmental involvement? Let’s get the kids back on the streets. Let’s teach them what it’s like to dwell in the world outside. Let’s make them experience how it’s like to bathe in the rain and get dirty playing tag. Make them see just how beautiful and exciting the outside world is. We can start by giving them enjoyable places to play.

What Happened To All The Local Parks?
Excuse me for saying this but from what I’ve seen, our local parks have been looking pretty disastrous in recent years. It’s definitely not exciting or even inviting for that matter. It’s no wonder children aren’t pumped to visit parks these days and parents don’t encourage a trip there either. We should really level up and try to renovate these parks; try to make it better for the younger generations. If we make an effort to make the parks livelier and more enjoyable, I’m pretty sure that kids will voluntarily want to go out every so often.
The first thing we need is an attraction. Parks need something inviting, something that will call the attention of children and tempt them to go outside.

The Role Of Play In Our Children’s Lives
Play – outdoor play, specifically, has a pivotal role in our children’s lives. One can even consider it as a sport. This is because when children actively play outside, they move their bodies a lot. This allows them to get plenty of healthy movements and exercise. We should promote this kind of activity as it will aid in the development of their physique. Also, playing outside can be considered a sport for the following reasons:
1. Play promotes sociability. Children learn how to interact with others through outdoor engagements.
2. Play teaches your child to be a good sport. It allows them to develop a love for healthy competition. If they win, they win. If they lose, they try again.
3. Play helps your child break a healthy sweat. The more your child moves, the more he gets to exercise and develop body muscles.

Here are a couple of things I can suggest:

Add Playground Equipment
Yes, a good playground is sure to bring in a nice crowd. Children love obstacles and other exciting play equipment. It will definitely help lure them out of their houses. I’m talking about classic equipment: Swings, slides, monkey bars, and see-saws. Many companies like Suttle Recreation offer this equipment; you can even check them out online. .When I was younger, me and my childhood gang would create awesome games out of playground equipment and we would meet every afternoon just to see who wins that day’s round. It was fun and it gave us something to look forward to after the school bell rings each day. One thing I also noticed is that back in my time, kids look healthier and fit. My friends and I would eat a whole load of food and we still looked fine, not too skinny nor obese. This was probably thanks to all the exercise we were getting. Children of today should learn to love outdoor play more. Get their skin touched by the sun. We should help them experience the real world a little better and hopefully, they will pass it on to the generations that will come after them.

Make A Mini Basketball Court or Soccer Field
Another thing the community could do to promote physical and outdoor activities is to create a place for sports. I’m talking basketball or soccer. This will really encourage the little tykes to get moving. They will learn to play soccer themselves – not just grow up into a fan that prefers to watch from a distance. Sports is good cardio for children; it also promotes healthy growth of the muscles. It doesn’t take much to create a mini basketball court or a small soccer field. Adults should really push for that.

Host Weekend Activities
Lastly, hosting weekend events and activities that promote physical play is also a stellar idea. Prepare a prize, even if it’s just a small gift. This will get kids more into playing. It’s definitely a good way to encourage young individuals to engage in outdoor play. Host mini tournaments, little leagues, and other fun activities. It’s also a great way to get the neighbourhood together for some weekend fun!