Boston Red Sox games are among the most exciting in Major League Baseball, thanks to the team’s explosive offense and ability to score in bunches. Many fans choose to make their games even more exciting, though, by betting on Red Sox games as well. And for those interested in doing the same, this guide to betting Red Sox baseball should help you get started.

Where to bet on the Red Sox
Betting on the Red Sox has been a successful endeavor for bettors in recent years due to their success throughout Major League Baseball. And the first step toward backing the Sox at the betting window is knowing where to place bets on the team. Doing so in their native Massachusetts is not yet possible, as the state is still looking into whether or not they should legalize sports betting throughout the state. However, there are plenty of neighboring states that have made it possible to bet on the Sox.

Rhode Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have already legalized sports betting in their states, with an update on betting in PA making it so bettors can wager on sports both in-person and online. This means that Sox fans have options both in a neighboring state and a little further away to place bets, while Massachusetts itself deliberates on the state of wagering in the backyard of the Sox.

Advice for betting on Red Sox games
In baseball, the most important thing to consider when betting on the game is the lineup itself. Knowing who is available to play and who is not, and how those fluctuations can impact the success of a team is imperative for winning wagers on the diamond. In the case of the Red Sox, that means understanding what injuries are out there and how they affect the team. Recently, JD Martinez’s absence from the lineup has had an effect on the team, and is a great example of something that a bettor should consider before placing a wager once and for all.

Also vital is the ability to understand who is playing well and who is playing poorly at a given time. This is best exemplified by the performances of Chris Sale early in the 2019 season. Sale was one of the best pitchers in the league over the last few seasons, but got off to an awful start this year.

Understanding that poor start could mean that Sale shouldn’t be trusted to carry the team on the mound the way he was in years past could be the difference between avoiding a questionable bet and placing a poor one.

Finally, remembering that baseball betting is a marathon and not a sprint is key. There are 162 games in a baseball season, which means that there are ample opportunities to place smart wagers and make up for any lost bets over the course of a full year. Instead of over-betting to chase a loss or setting bet amounts that are too high, it could be worth it to remember that there are a ton of games in each season and that more conservative bankroll management could work out better in the long run.