For most individuals, March was the month COVID-19 became a reality. It was the month that NBA (The National Basketball Association) suspended the season after several players tested positive for the virus. Over the next few weeks, the whole sporting world was in total chaos. MLB (Major League Baseball) season was pushed back, March Madness was cancelled, while NFL (The National Football League) was performed remotely.

Now, upon the completion of the 2020 World Series, MLB teams will have an opportunity to sign free agents and even perform trades as they prepare to usher in the new season. Honestly speaking, this offseason will turn out to be quite tricky for most MLB front offices. It is a fact that Coronavirus has had a significant impact on MLB finances as it has in most businesses globally.

Without fanatics in the stadium, the revenue for baseball teams has been significantly reduced to the income originating from minor ancillary plus the digital/media rights contracts. Additionally, remember baseball cannot generate income from the ticket sales, parking fees, concession stand revenue and souvenir sales since fans are not allowed to stream into stadiums.

The Effect of Coronavirus on the Offseason
In the current offseason, the ‘COVID-19’ factors will have a massive implication for players, teams as well as fans at all stages of the game. Indeed, this offseason will perhaps be incomparable to any other that baseball fans have encountered over the years. As denoted earlier, it will be a ‘COVID-19’ offseason.

Due to the pandemic’s financial impact, the teams’ overall spending and payrolls may be reduced. What’s more? Well, the loss experienced in COVID-19 year may force some owners to sell their franchise. This way, there will be uncertainty in the local market plus the entire baseball fraternity, in general.

As talks continue regarding lowering the number of minor league teams, players and leagues, you can all guess that the future of the minor league baseball is in doubt. Consequently, baseball interest in the communities affected by the potential loss of the minor league baseball will undoubtedly diminish.

All in all, the advances in technology and the internet have made it relatively easy for fans to pick several ways to listen or even watch baseball selectively. For instance, if you want to have fun as you watch or listen to your favorite baseball match, you may consider placing a stake at Depending on which state you live in you can choose from the list. This way, you will bet on your team and experience the thrilling moments as you wait for the final whistle. We expect that the baseball season will run as usual during the 2021 season.

Currently, there is uncertainty surrounding the return to normalcy. For instance, when will fans once again get into stadiums to watch their teams play? Well, no one knows. Sure, some sports have started allowing fans to walk into the stadium. However, only 1/3 or even ¼ of the stadium’s capacity are permitted to enter.

Revenue Fallout
As said earlier, baseball is one of the most affected sports due to the lack of fans in the stadiums. So, the loss of revenue in the current season will most likely hurt the forthcoming seasons as well as the players’ contracts due to its impact on the salary caps. As projected by financial experts, the anticipated revenue will reduce by roughly 40%, making the salary cap to either reduce or stay the same. With this, the salaries of the free agent players will be significantly affected.

Looking into the Future
Despite the adverse effects, it’s believed fans will get back into stadiums provided the teams can make them feel safe and secure. Baseball teams and their management need to learn how to produce events as well as the safety measures to consider. For instance, there need to be multiple points for checking temperatures within the stadium. Also, it would be helpful to include other types of screening for checking COVID-19 or any other type of virus.

Another notable thing that might happen in the world of baseball is how food and drinks are distributed plus the mask usage. Now that directors and game producers have been able to test how to produce games without fans, the way fans watch these games has a high likelihood of changing. Both in the way we watch it and the actual game rules for the sport. So, artificial intelligence and virtual reality may make a way into baseball.