The Olympic Games are sports that many look forward to. The games that are part of the Olympics attract many sportspeople from around the world. Sportspeople or athletes from around the world train for endless months to make sure that they get a chance to display their talents.

With every new Olympic Games session, there are a few new sports that are introduced, and it is on that matter that we want to dwell today. We want to look at how a sports gets to be part of the Olympic Games. And we wonder if ever casino games will ever get to the Olympic Sports level or we will always have to just enjoy them at real money casino.

What Is Needed For A Sport To Get Olympic Recognition?
In the beginning, there were just 5 sports that made up the Olympic Games and the games only lasted for a day. now, we have over 100 games and over 10 000 participants. Additionally, the games now go on for a full month. But for a sport to be part of the Olympics it has to go through the following steps.

1. It has to recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

2. After it has been recognized it moves to the International \sports Federation (IF) status. At this stage, the international organization must enforce the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code. They must also include the conductive effective out-of-competition tests. As they do so, they need to follow the rules set by the Olympic Charter.

3. Then that sports OF must apply for admittance by filing a petition establishing its eligibility to the IOC.

4. A decision will then be made based on several rules and regulations about the sports admittance unto the Olympic games at This process can take a few years as the IOC has to check how popular that sport is and if it is played by both men and women among other things. In addition, to note is that a sport can gain admittance into the Olympic games however it can also be discontinued as well. Additionally sports can be added to the Olympics but not be part of the sports that are competed in.