2018 resulted in the ninth World series title for the Boston Red Sox, as they returned to the top of the sport. This has led to them being a popular choice amongst those using the Sugarhouse sportsbook as they are the favorites to defend their title in 2019. So should any of the current cop now make the list of the greatest to have ever played for the club?

David Ortiz
Ortiz had an incredibly succession time of it in Boston, following being traded over from Minnesota. He spent 14 seasons at the Red Sox, and in that period made 10 All-star teams, whilst also helping them to pick up three World series titles. This also saw him pass Williams on the all-time home runs list for the side, with 541. He was a true legend of the Red Sox and must make the list of the greatest players.

Ted Williams
The previously mentioned Williams was another star for the side, having spent 19 years in Boston, scoring 521 home runs, whilst also batting a .406 average. He was a true legend and to many, the greatest hitter in the history of baseball, period.

Carl Yastrzemski
Another player to have spent a lengthy career at the Red Sox is Carl Yastrzemski. This was his entire 23 year playing career, in which he still to this day holds the teams record for games played, hits, doubles, runs scored and runs batted in. He also sits third in the list for home runs, behind the two players mentioned above. Carl is a true legend of the Red Sox, and a hugely successful one, which is why he must make the list.

Pedro Martinez
Another veteran for the side who was an incredible right-hander. He struck out 3,154 batters over the course of his 17 year career. Pedro started 409 games, winning 219 of them and posting a 2.93 ERA.

Cy Young
One of the biggest names in the history of baseball, so he must make this select list. He finished with 511 wins, which is still the record to this day. He also holds the record for the most games started on 815, and completed games of 749. Young is a true legend of the Red Sox.

Manny Ramirez
Ramirez was one of the greatest hitters for the Red Sox, due to the fact he finished with 29 postseason home runs on his way to 12 All-Star games, and two World series titles. He hit an incredible 555 home runs in 19 seasons, whilst compiling a .312 batting average. He was key to the 04 side that ended the lengthy 86 year wait for them to pick up another World series title.