Nothing beats a fun day out airsoft shooting. Resembling the real thing, airsoft shooting is a recreational or competitive sport where shooters eliminate opposing teams through aiming and shooting. A true military simulation that creates a mock combat scenario.

Luckily, these aren’t real bullets. Spherical plastic projectiles are launched from gun replicas at opposing players. Even though, these projectiles aren’t real bullets, they can still hurt when it hits the skin. That’s why all airsoft shooting players wear a series of protective gear.

Airsoft shouldn’t be confused with paintball. Paintball uses hard paint-filled balls. That leaves a splash of color on the player’s overall. Airsoft uses 6mm BBs that’s spherical and made from hard plastic. All guns are made to full scale, trying to resemble a true military-style situation.

When you take part in this sport, you have to be aware of the safety concerns that comes with it. There are loads of protective gear available for your body, and they are quite comfortable to wear. But when it comes to the face, masks and goggles can be really uncomfortable.

That’s why you should consider a few factors before purchasing face protection.

Your eyes are definitely one of the most fragile parts of your face. When a bullet, even if it’s fake, hits your eye, you are at risk of seriously damaging it. Owning a decent pair will not only protect you from permanent damage, but it will also help you focus more on the game.

Face masks and goggles that don’t sit comfortably on the face, or are too heavy, will distract you and cause many problems throughout the combat. Doing research on different eye protection will help you make the right decision when purchasing.

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You can’t just buy any old mask that you find in a hobby store. When you are a keen Airsoft player you have to be aware of the standards that applies to your protection gear. Most facilities need their players to wear face protection that is ANSI rated.

This means the mask should have Ballistic lenses that have a full seal. Make sure about your shooting facilities standards and what certification your mask should have. The right goggles will be able to protect your eyes from conventional gun shots.

Most players have specific parks that they visit frequently. If you are playing at a new facility, make sure you are aware of their rules. Typically, rules will require players to wear their eye protection at all times. Even if your mask fogs up, you need to move off of the field to adjust and correct it.

Learn more about general Airsoft Park rules here:

Always check to make sure that lenses are ANSI rated and that they are ballistic. Having protective goggles with ballistic lenses, will protect you against the flying of small fragments and projectiles.

When lenses aren’t ANSI rated and don’t have ballistic lenses, they might crack and break. Causing irreversible damage to your eyes.

Many players opt for dual-pane lenses, that have thermal protection. This puts double protection between your eyes and oncoming BB bullets. These lenses are also made to decrease the chances of fogging.

For outdoor games you can opt for a tinted lens, whereas yellow tinted lenses are better to spot camouflaged players.

The main purpose of protective goggles is to stop the BBs kinetic energy from breaking the lens. Goggles should completely seal your eyes. There shouldn’t be any gaps or openings between the goggles and your skin. This is to avoid little fragments from projectiles or dirt and dust, going into your mask.

It’s important that you consider the strength of the goggles at different distances. There’s a difference in BB traveling distance at a larger field compared to a smaller one. In the same way, there’ll be a difference in the speed and force a BB hits you at 500fps compared to 550 fps.

Some masks come with mesh eye protection, which isn’t a long-term solution. Not only does the mesh haze your sight, it damages over time.

Make sure you purchase goggles that can take the hit without shattering. It will be a good idea to check out best airsoft goggles and mask reviews from, to help you decide.

Don’t think that you’ll be able to get away wearing a scarf or bandana around the bottom half of your face. It’s important that you find a durable mask that is ASTM rated. The most protective masks are made from plastic and high-quality mesh, even some are manufactured with metal for extra durability.

You can choose between full face protection, or only eye, mouth, and nose protection. If you don’t opt for full head protection, then you need to purchase additional head protective gear.
Masks for Airsoft gaming is designed to take powerful hits from the BBs. Some can even take up to 700FPS. Absorbing shock from a hit to provide as much comfort as possible to the wearer.

It’s also important that you bear in mind the fact that you are going to have to breath through it. So, material should be breathable while providing protection. Especially when you’re running around you don’t want to be short of breath, gasping for air.

Some games may last up to a few hours, because you aren’t allowed to take off your protective gear, you have to consider the fit and comfort. Even though some masks come as an ‘all-size fits all’, it’s important that you still measure the face to mask ratio.

Fabric from the mask shouldn’t rub against your skin or bridge of your nose. You shouldn’t be constantly adjusting the mask. The right fit, is a mask that is lightweight and feels like a second layer.

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Whether you choose to wear full head protective gear, or a mask and goggles, it’s completely up to you. As long as it provides you with the comfort and security needed in midst combat.