Casinos have always required some sort of registration process to let you play. To make an account, you’d usually have to spend some time answering some questions, inputting personal information, and even bank account or credit cards. That’s always been the case, be it for web-based virtual casinos, downloadable apps, or online casino games.

But nowadays, you can find what I’d like to call rush casinos. Recently, rush casinos have become fairly popular among players, since they don’t require registration or an account. They are probably the fastest way of playing since you don’t have to share personal information or answer too many tedious questions.

Most casino websites would ask questions regarding your name, last name, social security number, bank account or credit card number, phone number, e-mail then you would proceed to select a name and password for your account. But that’s no longer the case. How does it work, though?

Rush Casinos and How They Work
This whole no-registration thing is possible because of many paying methods arriving on the market thanks to the internet and the modern era. The most common one when it comes to paying in an online casino is Trustly, but there are other methods you can use.

Thanks to Trustly’s BankID, which works as a form of identification, you are able to prove that you have deposited money into the account and that you are the owner of said account. A rush casino will take your information from your Trustly account, so you won’t have to sign-up. The only information you’ll have to input on the website is your BankID, then you’ll get a temporary account that’ll be enough to play on the website.

How Withdrawals Work
Withdrawals in rush casinos are way faster. In a regular casino, you would have to prove that you are you, by sharing personal information. This whole process could even take several days before being able to withdraw the money.

Now, thanks to Trustly, this process may only take between 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the website you are using. This is because of how websites directly check the information from the Trustly account and your BankID. Your BankID will share all the information needed with the casino.

You Still Need a Bank Account, Though
You must have a bank account if you want to play. Things like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or credit cards won’t work. Only with a bank account, Trustly, and your BankID, you’ll be able to verify deposits and personal information. There’s more information over here:

What’s So Great About Casinos Without Registration
There are many things that are great about rush casinos. The first thing is that your information will be safer this way. You won’t have to worry about your information displaying everywhere around the internet thanks to Trustly and its BankID security measures. This will also reduce the amount of advertisement and spam you get through email and phone.
Your name and personal information will be more than safe.

Also, playing and withdrawing money is considerably faster than your regular casino. Considering how they work, this is no surprise. No registration process, not too much information to share, and no complicated procedures.

With that said, not everything is perfect. Since you only have one payment option, this will certainly make it impossible for some people. But as long as you have a bank account and a Trustly account, you’ll be ok.

Be Careful, Though!
You should be careful about them, anyways. Online casinos have bad fame of being untrustworthy. The reason: most websites out there won’t pay you a cent. This is more common than you think, and that’s why you should research any website you decide to try before spending any money on it.

If you don’t, you are risking being scammed. And this is the case for both regular casinos and rush casinos. Even if you use the Best Crypto Bookies.

Normally, you’d be able to find a blacklist among users showcasing casinos that are recommended and the ones that are not. This is done between the regular casino players to have a wide variety of reliable websites, apps, and games. The ones that are not are usually called Rogue Casinos, as mentioned in this article.

You shouldn’t trust websites claiming that you’ve won some sort of prize. Also, if they ask you to let your browser “allow” something besides cookies, that’s a bad sign. Commonly, both things are ways to insert malware or viruses in your computer or browser, so they’ll be able to have access to certain information or make your software malfunction.

Make Sure To Pay Attention
When you are playing in a rush casino, you should always pay attention to the money you are betting, and the games you are playing. Since they are more fast-paced than standard websites, people tend to spend more money without realizing it.

That’s why you should be careful about it and always take your spendings into consideration. If you think you’ve played more than you’d have expected, or intended in the first place, make sure to stop from playing. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

Also, you should pay attention to your bank account once you have withdrawn money. This process shouldn’t take too much time, and if it does, that may be a red flag. If your earned money is not appearing in your bank or Trustly account after you’ve withdrawn it, even after several days, you may have encountered a rogue casino.

There’s always the option of relying on the customer service, but most of the time, this type of website doesn’t have an actual customer support team to help people out, and that’s why you should do your research before deciding for a website. If a website doesn’t have any information whatsoever, and you can’t find it in user’s lists or reviews, you may want to step out and try another one. Finding the right website might take some time, but it’ll be worth it since you’ll have a place you can trust and enjoy your gaming time.