It is October once again and a lot of avid Baseball fans are surely tuning in to watching the game. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, still many people are looking forward to this exciting moment. This month is indeed very important to Major League Baseball (MLB) because it signifies the final match and we’ll find out which team will win.

The year 2020 generally paralyzed everything including livelihood, education, and sports. Almost for months delay, The Major League Baseball season was forced to shorten the normally 162 scheduled games to 60 and since the teams have to observe safety protocols, the game has to be played at empty baseball parks. It was a rather different event for many years because ever since MLB was born, it always has this power and energy which radiates in the event as important as this.

This year seemed remarkable. Although we were still in the middle of the pandemic, the world of sports is again alive. The 2021 MLB postseason is now proceeding fully and they’re back to the normal 10 team format which was temporarily a 16-team last year during the heights of the pandemic.

What is Baseball?
It is defined as a ballgame played using a bat and a ball by two opposing teams which consist of nine players each. One is the defensive team while the other is the offensive team. The game starts when the pitcher from the defensive team throws a ball to the offensive team which their batter tries to hit the ball. The aim for the offensive team is to hit the ball and the players to make a run to the bases while the defensive team’s objective is to prevent the other team from making runs especially the advance around the base. Baserunning is important because each run is scored based on the home plate touched by the runner. Whoever has the most runs, wins.

How did Baseball start?
There were stories about the origin of this sport from the game in England called “rounders” to the legendary Abner Doubleday. The most likely to be the real origin could be back in the 1800’s different stickball games. It was also believed that this game was played in ancient Egypt, Mayan, and France.

Major League Baseball (MLB)
Founded in 1903, it is the oldest and the highest professional level of baseball is a fusion of the National League (NL) and the American League (AL).

The interesting part here is in the 19th century before the merging of these two U.S professional baseball Leagues, the two had a “baseball war” for many years. Later the leagues made a truce thus World Series was born. The World Series is a championship series of the Major League Baseball in the United States and Canada which takes place every year.

Betting in Baseball
Many professional punters wager for sports especially Baseball for the thrill of it. It is also their way of expressing their support to the group that admired. It is a bit similar to other sports where bettors select a player or a team to bet on.

The process seemed not too difficult but not that easy as well. A player who wanted to bet in Sports has to make research about betting in sports, the odds, and its rules. Next, one must find a reliable bookmaker online, make a deposit, check the sportsbook then select a sport/team or player. After that, choose an event on which you may want to place your bet.

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How to place a bet
As mentioned, October is considered the month of Baseball and a lot of happenings in the 2021 MLB regular season. Hence, it is a perfect time for the baseball sportsbook to be checked and review for the players and team which will play. The following are the ideas in betting:

o Money line bets
Punters have the option here whether to bet on the underdog, the favorite team, or the team which was expected to win. One has to be critical when it comes to wagering because there is a possibility that one’s favorite team might not get that many points and will affect the bettor’s payout.

o Run Lines
This type of betting is a version of a point spread. Thus, it allows a bettor to wager on either their favorite team or the underdog.

o Total
This type of baseball bets are bets based on the total number of runs scored in a game. Punters bet on whether the total runs will be over or under a number that is set by the oddsmakers.

o Parlays
Parlays help punters to bet on either multiple games or multiple teams. The first half of the amount is wagered on the first game while the winnings from the bet are automatically wagered on the next. The flipside in this type of bet is if any of the team loses, all amount including the initial stake is lost.

Baseball is a kind of game suitable for amusement in every way and worthy to invest one’s money in wagering. However, like all types of bets, it involves risk. So, if you’re into pure entertainment both in baseball sports and in wagering, this type of sports bet is most likely recommended for you.