Look out! The ball is coming straight onto you! That’s a sight to catch in most stadiums of the United States. In the US, Baseball is a major national sport that attracts lots of fans to the pitch. However, that’s not the same vigor in the UK! It is considered a minor sport, with only about 3,000 participants.

Baseball of the United Kingdom remains under the governance of the British Baseball Federation. It organizes a multi-tier national league that allows the national team and local teams to take part in feats and ultimately compete for international tournaments.

There are 74 active baseball teams, from London to Liverpool. For UK baseball matches, the season runs from April until August. Affiliated baseball clubs pay annual fees to be a member of the British Baseball Federation and play in its leagues. For those who are new to the leagues, there are three leagues that are independent of the BBF; Scottish National League, The Northern League and the South West League.

The BBF league is split into national divisions that are all equally important in the eyes of the Britishers! There are four tiers from the National League, down to the Single A League. At the end of the season, all winners of the divisions play where the top teams get to face each other in a knockout match! The winning teams then move to the Championship Series.

Championship Series is a matter of pride! It is the best league of the three English leagues. The tournament lies at the end of a four-division competition, which makes it a clash between the elite players of baseball only! As such, the Championship Series is the most coveted tournament and the most important one!

If you’re in for the next big league of baseball, then good news! From the 29th of June to 30th of June, witness the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees go head to head. The Major League Baseball makes its London Debut with the London Series 19. Note the address! It is happening at the London Stadium!

You might want to grab a seat for the two-game series. This time the London Stadium’s pitch will turn into a baseball field. It will be hosting the first European Contest by North America’s most historic sports league. A not to be missed tournament if you like baseball!

We are expecting to see a line-up of activities as well during the league. Bring along some bucks since there will be food, drinks and loads of games for visitors in the surrounding Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park!

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Will you show up for the London Series 2019?