Considered an excellent sport to bet on by many, primarily because you’re not expected to deal with irritating point spreads, baseball is emerging as a huge favorite among sports bettors everywhere! Such increased interest in baseball betting is also partly due to effective tipping services like SBAT and others, that have delivered large profits to baseball bettors over a period of time.

Baseball is a game that features many unique betting angles. Some of the important factors involved in baseball betting include: umpires (as they’re different from each other), losing and winning streaks, pitchers (good teams have the best ones and hence win consistently) and game conditions (such as day/night, surface and weather).

On the whole, baseball betting activity can be divided based on three different seasons.

Early-season (April to May)
During this part of the baseball season, underdogs become the favorites! Apart from that, pitchers are placed ahead of hitters coming from spring training. However, the odds for the underdogs remain the same even in the early part of the season. The key point is that it’s always better to back the underdogs during the early stages of a baseball season.

Umpires also play a major role in baseball games, more so during the early games. No matter how much they may be criticised for their decisions, it’s a fact that umpires are majorly consistent and stay that way throughout the season. In addition, umpires are carefully factored-in for the over/under totals. The umpires with wide and large strike zones are preferred for the under, while the ones with smaller strike zones make a better choice for the over.

You must also consider how the pitchers are utilised during the early stages of the season. In case a manager is forced to use his bullpen excessively one night, and an ok-ok pitcher the next, you must bet on the over (on the next night). On the other hand, if the bullpen’s all raring to go and is at his best, a low scoring game may be on the cards. You know you must use your sports betting insight and bet on the under in that scenario!

Mid-season (June to July)
Baseball looks very different as the season progresses into summer. You’d have a well-established baseline of statistics and trends to help you make sound betting decisions. It’s important to pay attention to pitchers that seem like having breakout years. Other than that, back the pitchers that are at their peak for the good teams. When it comes to baseball, good teams mostly make excellent pitchers.

Late season (August to September)
Baseball’s all about slumps and streaks. If you’ve seen the classic baseball film Bull Durham, you’d remember Crash Davis talking about respecting the streak. There couldn’t be a better baseball betting advice! Any time you see a team on a losing streak, continue betting against it. On the other hand, keep playing them when they’re winning left right and center! Both losing and winning are contagious in the game of baseball.