Most real money gamblers enjoy visiting the casino or any poker room to enjoy the gambling environment. However, in a tech active world, you don’t really need to visit the casino to create a gambling experience. Nevertheless, there are gambling activities like real money online casinos that you can simply enjoy with your friends. If you were not aware that this is possible, then you should read this post.

Bet on Sports
Placing your bets on sports is the best gambling activity loved by many sports lovers. You can simply get involved in this gambling activity and compete with both your friends and the bookmakers. To sum up the fun, make use of the bookmaker tracking software. This will enable you to track all your bets and that will make the whole competition fun and exciting.

Pitch Quarters
Pitching quarters might not be a popular activity for most brand new online casinos gamblers. Nevertheless, it is also a fun way to gamble with friends and at the same time, it is expensive too. The main aim is to have your quarter to end up close to the wall. This means the player that gets the quarter close enough to the wall wins all the quarters that will be pitched around. However, you need to be cagey of anyone you pitch with, that’s the only way you can protect your win. Unless you visit

Playing the game of Poker is also one of the games that will make you have fun especially if you gamble with friends. You are able to schedule the game from time to time. All you need to make it interesting is four or five players and you will be good to go. The gaming options that comes with poker include:
· Texas Holdem
· Omaha High
· Omaha High Low
· 7 Card Stud
· Dealer’s Choice