Alex Cora, the former bench coach of the Houston Astros, has now be re-backed by the Boston Red Sox after his one-season suspension due to his role in the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal during the 2017 and 2018 seasons. Before this season, Alex Cora has been spending his time on the sideline during his one-year suspension ban and have now be resigned just two weeks after his suspension being uplifted.

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The reason why Cora was initially banned in the first place was because he played a major part in the sign stealing scandal that the Houston Astros were performing to lead them to the title. Many want to know to what sign stealing is – Let us explain it for you:

Sign signalling is where an opposing team attempts and succeeds in trying to decode one teams signals to their batsmen to get an advantage against the batting side. This sign can then be relayed from the catcher to the pitcher or form the dugout to the catcher, and infielder to another or from the head coach to batter and/or runner.

In this instance, Cora was the bench coach at the Houston Astros in 2017 as he was signalling to the on-field team that because his team visited their video replay room before relaying this information to the on-field team and therefore gained an illegal advantage throughout their title winning season. Because of this, and now back in the game, Cora has come out and said: “I was spending time at home for the wrong reasons. For that I want to apologize. I deserved what happened this year.”