It's a dangerous job. But somebody has to do it.

Elvis Costello once said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. I have no idea what that means but on this episode, we are joined by fellow bloggers Jere of Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory and Allan from The Joy of Sox to talk blogs. As in, why do bloggers blog, what drives us, and how much alcohol must we be consuming in our spare time? Since this is my ninth season blogging about the Sox, I felt it appropriate to examine the subject.

As a bonus testament to my technical prowess, you can often hear me breathing, coughing and generally hacking while my guests are trying to speak. That said, I hope you find it insightful. Fun for all ages, but with swear words.

Listen using the player below, or download from iTunes:

Also, this video of Jere’s will be referenced at one point in the podcast. Once you listen, it will all make sense.

Thanks to Jere and Allan for their time and insight. And happy listening.