The Sox have signed superutilityguy Hector Luna, fondly remembered in these parts as “Out Number Two of the Eighth Inning of Game Four of the 2004 World Series” (Embree got him swinging), to a minor league deal.

While it’s unlikely that the guy will ever see one game of action in a Sox uni, I found it interesting that, in its “Similarity Scores” section, ranks Luna with Spider Jorgensen, Clarence Huber and former Red Sox Urbane Pickering.

“Urbane Pickering”? F#$k Lyman Bostock, Shooty Babbitt and Cookie Rojas; I’ve just found the single greatest player name in baseball history.

Where have all these great baseball names gone, people? Sure, I’m jazzed about having an Adrian, a Carl and a Hector. But give me just one guy named Urbane, and I swear I could conquer the world.