Another brilliant shot from Kelly @

Justin Masterson — or J-Mast, as he is known in certain hip hop circles — always seemed like a pretty nice fella while he was in Boston. So even though I appreciate the bounty of Victor Martinez that we received in trade for Masterson, it sucks to hear of how much he’s scuffled this season.

Unfortunately, I really don’t see much chance of him improving on his 1-5 record or 5.46 ERA tonight against the Sox, especially with Clay Buchholz, who can do no wrong these days, on the hill for us. And I’ll probably feel bad if Youkbacca and crew take Masterson out behind the woodshed — offense-wise, that is. At least until the out-of-town scores show the Yanks and Rays both losing. Then it’s f#$kin’ party time.

One thing to keep in mind tonight: If Progressive Field is attacked by robots mid-game, Bud Selig can invoke MLB’s little known “Justice League of Former Teammates” clause, under which Masterson would be forced to fight alongside the Sox to save mankind. Or at least that Jhonny Peralta wuss.