Jealous. Of a railing.

I’ve only been to the Promised Land a few times. And by “Promised Land,” of course, I mean the box seats along Fenway’s third base line, right behind the area where Heidi Watney remains perched throughout the game.

If you’re someone who appreciates the nuances of broadcasting, the secret codes of cameramen and on-air talent, and getting a peak behind the magic of the nightly Sox telecasts, then these are the seats for you.

Of course, when you’re sitting that close to Ms. Watney — or, more specifically, Ms. Watney’s backside — there’s a temptation to forget about the game entirely and just fix your camera on her. Hell, you might even be lucky enough to get a shot of her climbing over the railing to get into position on the field — a moment so profound, I immediately stood up and placed my cap over my heart upon witnessing it.

Sadly, my Irish Catholic guilt holds me back. What are all those people sitting around me gonna think if they see my perverse pale mug fixing a camera on Heidi the whole game? Christ, I’m a father, a son and an employee, not to mention a completely unknown and widely disrespected blogger. I gotta try to keep the rep crystal clear. At least where I can.

Lucky for me, my brother-in-law Ken has no such qualms. So I thank him for thinking of me when he was sitting in those very seats a couple weeks back.

It’s Daisuke vs. Fausto tonight in Cleveland. Yee-hah.