Yesterday we mentioned how Youk is graciously allowing the common people to choose what style facial hair he sports on Opening Day.

Today, on, he brought the issue to his teammates, asking them to choose between the Youk Manchu, the goatee, the full beard or–gasp–the clean-shaved look. The best reaction comes from Terry Francona, who looks like he’d rather have been asked to administer a testicular exam than make a choice. But the line of the video belongs to Mike Lowell, who says the Manchu makes Youk look like “a weird Westerner.”

The video is really an instant comedy classic, especially when Youk notes that Vic Martinez knows the goatee “because it dominated him in 2007.” Also, watch for the bit with Josh Beckett, and note the giggling John Lackey at his side. I have a feeling those two are going to account for the bulk of this team’s humor quotient — intentional or otherwise — in 2010.