We don’t get into politics much here at SG. Mainly because I’ve lost faith and interest in every elected leader since Martin Van Buren, and, for the last several elections, have written in Roddy McDowell as my candidate of choice.

But here’s something I thought was pretty funny.

The guy in the photo above is not a Yankees fan. I know this. You know this. The tree outside your Aunt Ruth’s house knows this. In fact, Our Man Curt is the very antithesis of a Yankees fan. He’s their worst nightmare; the guy who said that nothing got his rocks off more than walking into Yankee Stadium and making umpteen thousand people shut up. The guy whose surgically-repaired ankle helped ballkick A-Rod and crew out of the 2004 ALCS and into oblivion.

However, Martha Coakley — Attorney General for Massachusetts and candidate for US Senate — doesn’t seem to know this. See thinks Curt’s just your basic, run-of-the-mill Yankees fan. And she said so in an interview with WBZ’s Dan Rea:

Curt responded on his 38 Pitches blog:

“I’ve been called a lot of things. But never, and I mean never, could anyone ever make the mistake of calling me a Yankee fan. Well, check that, if you didn’t know what the hell is going on in your own state maybe you could.”

Martha hasn’t done a lot for the common person during her tenure as AG, unless her kowtowing to unions, locking up of innocent people and letting pederasts walk the streets has somehow made your life better. But calling one of the heroes of 2004 a Yankees fan? Unforgivable.