It was almost a year ago to the day that Ken Rosenthal made his asinine race comments about the Red Sox. Well, he opened his mouth on FOX’s ALCS broadcast and more stupidity came out:

“It’s like aura and mystique have made a comeback. Teams are falling apart at the sight of the Yankees,” Rosenthal proclaimed. “We saw it in the division series and we’re seeing it here in the ALCS.”


If Rosenthal truly did not want to get “far ahead of ourselves,” then he would have kept his mouth shut. The outcome of Game 3 was still very much in doubt. And it wasn’t like the Yankees had bludgeoned the Twins or stomped on the Angels in the first two games.

When the New York papers start criticizing you for tongue-bathing their own team, you might want to kick it down a notch.

Meanwhile, writers from both The Post and The Daily News are all over Joe Girardi for over-managing game three.

It will be very interesting to see the papers tomorrow if CC craps out on short rest.