While I was expecting D-Lowe to come walking through that door, the Sox up and signed Brad Penny as a back-of-the-rotation fortifier. Yes, the same Brad Penny who spent most of 2008 on the disabled list, but also the dude who won 16 games in 2007. At $5 mil for the season, Penny’s a low-risk investment that could–could–pay greater dividends down the road than A.J. Burnett. And let us not forget that the guy has also seen both Watertown’s own Eliza Dushku and Alyssa Milano sans pants, making him something of a deity in my book before he’s even pitched a game for us.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind Eliza and Alyssa that Fenway Park is a lovely place to take in a ballgame, and if stalking ex-boyfriends is your thing, there are plenty of cool blogger’s apartments hotels in the area that would be more than willing to accommodate you.

Also, those of us longing for a return to the Josh Bard era have reason to rejoice.

Meanwhile, if this update on J.D. Drew’s son doesn’t get you all misty-eyed, then check yourself for a pulse. I know all too well what Drew went through in 2007, and I wish nothing but positive vibes and happiness to him and his family.