Red Sox Monster points out that Kevin Youkilis has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, and signed on to become the official spokesperson for a line of sports energy drinks. Of course, as we might expect from He Whose Beard Frightens Children, there’s something a bit curious about the deal. See, the drink’s called “SlumpBuster”, which as the press release proudly trumpets, is “a term widely recognized by athletes and fans.” That’s certainly true… but “slumpbuster” is also a term the Urban Dictionary defines as such:

“When someone is having trouble getting laid, they’re in a slump. When you’re in a slump, you need an easy score to get your confidence back up and break the slump – a slumpbuster. Often this means lowering your standards, and sleeping with someone you would never otherwise associate with.”

But we’re sure that ain’t what Youk was aiming for here; I mean, look at the can… seems perfectly innocuous to me:

In other news, Julian Tavarez’ “Cherry Rohypnol Energy Buzz” hits shelves next week.