Before hearing all of the pre-game hype, I kinda like the Jags. A bit of a Cinderella story, no real big-money thugs on the team, just a hard-working bunch of underdogs.

Then I heard about the asterisk on their website

The asterisk the Jacksonville Jaguars had on their web site next to New England’s perfect record, a mark indicating the Patriots were caught cheating in one game this season, has been removed.

And I immediately wanted them to suffer the same humiliations as any other team. Put ’em through the Pat’s shredder and see what’s left of their asterisk.
Even better was the players’ own attempt to make themselves think they had a chance. The sledgehammer.

He (Jags defensive lineman Paul Spicer) used some tape, wood and elbow grease and — presto! — there it was. A sledgehammer. A freaking sledgehammer. The sledgehammer became a week-long symbol for the Jaguars leading up to their game against New England. The Jaguars were going to pound some damn heads.
Then came the best part of the story: Spicer brought his spanking-new sledgehammer onto the team charter flight here. There have been NFL players who brought guns and mistresses on team flights, but never a sledgehammer. How exactly do you pack a sledgehammer, anyway? Is that a carry-on?
In the minutes prior to the divisional game, which would end with New England going to 17-0, the entire Jaguars team made a motion like they were pounding a sledgehammer into the ground of Gillette Stadium. They were really buying into this.

Now I’m just embarrassed for them. Coach Belichick went in, as usual, with a game plan to win. No doubt the Jags keyed on Moss for their own plan. Moss ended up with one catch for 14 yards, but not because of any sledgehammer stopping him. Belichick ran the ball down their throats, pulled out a couple of trick plays, and used the longball only when needed, and the Jags couldn’t stop it.
Jack Del Rio, looking like a Sopranos wannabe in his NFL-approved leather jacket, stood by quietly as his team fell. Two more games, two more wins.
I now return you to baseball.