Royce: You said if somebody steals a base in the World Series…

Coco: The first time somebody steals a base… Taco Bell is gonna give one taco… to everybody in America.

Royce: To everybody what?

Coco: In America.

Royce: That day?

Coco: I dunno… ::laughs, mumbles something unintelligible::

Royce: What the hell you talkin’ bout? It’s gotta be that day.

Coco: But there’s only like two hours left in the day at that point.

Royce: So what? That’s what the deal has to be. How you gonna come in and say, “I ain’t got my taco!” You could go to every Taco Bell in the world and say that. “I didn’t get my taco!” How they gonna know?

*Transcribed verbatim (give or take a word) from last night’s World Series broadcast. Somebody, please give these guys their own Fox series, stat!