The best thing that can be said about yesterday’s nutcrunching loss to the Jays is that it featured the best post-game interview session since David Wells threatened to shiv Bud Selig. Josh Beckett, living up to his appointed title of Commander Kick Ass of the F–k Yeah Brigade, dropped the F-bomb during the press conference, apparently feeling a bit of the same frustration the rest of us were feeling. Check the vid below for the action, though he’s already been bleeped.

Honestly, I dropped a few F-bombs of my own when I saw Doug Mirabelli strolling to the plate with one out in the ninth and the team down by a run. Yes, I know V-Tek’s got a bad thumb, but, man, can’t they ice that stuff down with some sorta pocket cryogenic kit? John Henry’s got a bazillion dollars in his back pockets… you’re telling me that there isn’t one of those robot droids that fixed Luke’s hand in The Empire Strikes Back floating around the clubhouse just in case? When the game’s on the line, I want Mirabelli even farther from the plate, like drugged and gagged and driven to the Arsenal Mall in Watertown or something like that. It got so bad watching the bottom of the ninth unfold that I actually found myself wondering aloud where Wily Mo was.

On the bright side, we’ve got a full week of baseball ahead of us, with no off days and the Royals and White Sox on the menu.