For me. Interleague play has all the allure of a Golden Girls marathon. Apparently, it brings out the worst and weirdest in others as well. The last few days have been a series of highlights and lowlifes in the world of baseball.

1) Rocket Returns: Roger Clemens opened his 23rd season with something less than the pregame hype. The Rocket looked…OK…throwing 100 pitches in 5 innings and taking the loss. One more AAA start would have made all the difference, look for a more Clemens-like outing in 5 days.

2) Paxton Shot Up: This might have been better left in the “who gives a shit” file. The guy barely got a sniff of the big leagues before suffering a mysterious I-fell-out-of-bed-onto-a-glass injury. Apparently steroids not only shrink your nuts, they make you stupid. Elder Red Sox statesman Tim Wakefield fondly remembers Crawford as “not being very bright.”

3) Ozzie Bites the Head Off of a…What?: Guillen calls a reporter a “f-g”, allegedly not questioning his sexual preference but his balls. And the guy goes running to Bud Selig and tells on him? Point goes to Ozzie in this one.

4) BALCO Knows Steroids: Based on e-mails recovered, BALCO founder Victor Conte was a source for Chronicle reporters who wrote Book of Shadows. I’m nearly speechless. But not quite. The guy just couldn’t be happy for making the asterisk the most talked-about punctuation mark?

5) Damon Wants Applause: For Pedro. Why do Boston reporters continue to think any Sox fan gives a flying shit about anything that comes out of Damon’s mouth? He is a Yankee. His opinion matters less than mine.

Off days suck, eh?